Foodie Habit Group
JJ Royal Coffee developing to accommodate guests in several restaurants and fine patisserie shop in this year 2013, and managed by Foodie Habit Group. Foodie Habit Group management which is specialized in Food & Beverage.
Established in 2012, Foodie Habit Group was manufacturing in a Hospitality business. Having a side to a branded no J Sugar 'Gulaku' and Coffee 'JJ Royal' in Indonesia and craving for a great food, Eric Guilbert from France was trusted by the owners as a General Manager to devr:lop Foodie Habit through his expertise and passionate for hospitality. Started with JJ Royal coffee brand to respond to Group story and Guests' diversity of demands. Continued expanding an elegant JJ Royal Brasserie, overview A Fine Pasty shop Sugar Gallery by Gulaku and a JJ Royal Bistro to be developed by our brands to the market. With management's commitment to success with expertise, we're pursue excellent in providing the best Hospitality experiences and food & beverage to our guests.